Single Sided Lapping

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Flat lapping guarantees a smoother, flatter surface, and Hygrade can help you achieve tolerances out to the millionths!

Our highly skilled machinists achieve your tight requirements within a transparent timeline. With our single-sided lapping services, we process parts up to 17” in diameter and routinely achieve tolerances in the millionths. Flatness can be held to helium light bands.

Lapping works best with batch pieces, creating a uniformly matte or mirrored surface depending on your specifications. This is a low-stress process for the metal because it proceeds slowly enough to minimize thermal distortion.

Hygrade flat lapping

End Uses & Applications

“Lapping” comes from the acronym Loose Abrasive Process. By mixing abrasive particles with water or oil, a slurry forms into a liquid cutting tool. With the liquid between the workpiece and lap plate, movement causes a precise cutting and grinding action on the workpiece.

The abrasive compounds used for lapping services will correspond to the metals being processed, and usually include compounds with a crystalline structure.

End-uses for single-sided lapping represent thicker, more stable components. Typical products that require single-sided lapping are:

Valve plates

With Hygrades single-sided lapping capabilities, we process parts up to 17” in diameter, making it a great option for larger valve plates requiring consistent, smooth finishes.

Gears & Rotary Pumps

Gears comprise another popular product for single-sided lapping. As a batch item, many gears can be finished at once with the precise, low-stress process necessary for a strong component.