While a milling machine could create cylindrical shapes when necessary, our CNC Turning services work faster and more efficiently to complete the process. Any metal pieces that require lathing services can be turned on the spindle. The cutting tool attached to the turret moves in and out to remove the excess metal according to the design.

CNC milling and turning often work together on the same part: it may start on the turn shaft and later have specific milling required to complete the product.

We save you even more time by including grinding processes on site to start and finish the project on schedule.

With Hygrade’s experienced machinists, your product will be completed on schedule. We’ll send you a shipping notification before you have the chance to ask for one.

Hygrade turning

End Uses & Applications

CNC Turning services are also used across multiple industries, including aerospace, defense, automotive, and agriculture. Our machinists are ready to produce your parts with their characteristically high accuracy.