CNC ID/OD Grinding

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Inner diameter (ID) and outer diameter (OD) grinding make up a large portion of CNC machining for the finishing of cylindrical features in high tolerance applications.

Hygrade’s combination of class leading machines and skilled machinists allow us to reach the tightest tolerances that traditional machining cannot achieve. We serve the aerospace, defense, medical, automotive and other industries with their high requirements achieved by skilled operators who have been with us for decades.

Hygrades ID/OD grinding capabilities include various sizes and finishes through hydrostatic way repeatability and rigidity.

Hygrade ID OD grind

End Uses & Applications

CNC ID/OD Grinding services produce precise results with consistency and repeatability. Particularly, combining multiple operations onto one machine makes the process quick and efficient through the expert knowledge of our machinists.

Hydraulic and Bearing Components

Fitting your cylindrical part into the greater component requires meticulous accuracy and precision. With ID/OD Grinding from Hygrade, you not only receive that precision guaranteed, you also have years of efficiency and experience to ensure you get your parts on time for the job.

Quality Assurance & Customer Approvals

Whether grinding base material or coatings, our processes have been tested and proven for best practices. Hygrade’s extensive customer approvals prove we’re ready for the job. Hygrade has NADCAP and various Aerospace OEM approvals for a variety of grinding processes.

Plasma and HVOF coatings

Hygrade is an approved source for grinding plasma and HVOF coatings for aerospace and defense contractors. These coatings protect from corrosion and help maintain low part friction. They offer a cost-effective solution for protecting lighter weight materials.

Hard Chrome/Metal Plating

Hard chrome coatings provide extreme hardness and resistance to wear and corrosion making them a standard choice in aerospace and nuclear applications for critical components. Hygrade has an extensive level of experience in grinding these components to meet hard-to-achieve finish requirements.