CNC Multi-Axis Milling

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As your single source metal finisher, we offer a broad range of capabilities to keep the entire process under one roof.

You no longer need to send your parts to multiple machine shops for each step of manufacturing. We combine our extensive grinding and lapping processes with CNC Multi-Axis Machining to move your timeline along quickly.

Within our shop we can begin the process at the grinding stage, move to a CNC machine for the fine details, then back to a grinding machine for the necessary finish. After the project is completed, we rigorously check each workpiece for precision and your specifications, and even provide Nital etch inspection if necessary.

Save weeks of production time while maintaining quality by working with Hygrade.

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End Uses & Applications

CNC Multi-Axis Machining is a great example of a versatile and efficient process. With multi-axis tooling, the piece does not get reset for each step of production. The operator sets the part, enters the required design, and the machine takes over. This process eliminates the possibility for human error or loss of accuracy from resetting the piece between tooling. Multi-axis machining has a place in almost all industries and even finished products, not just parts or pieces. CNC Machining and Milling also works well on all magnetic and nonmagnetic metals, and even some plastics.


Popular components for CNC Machining include landing gear components, engine mounts, access panels, and more.


In an industry that requires customization and quick turnarounds, CNC Multi-Axis machining helps defense companies and government agencies build the prototypes and products they need with the extreme accuracy required.


For the automotive industry, custom parts are easily created with CNC Machining and Milling, but also the wheels, cylinder heads, motors, drive axels and many other components.