Blanchard/Flat Grinding

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For metals with diameters up to 42 inches, magnetic or non-magnetic, Blanchard grinding removes the most material on one side than any other process. Fast and effective, this method works well for low and high-volume orders covering significant surface areas.

Named after the Blanchard Machine Company that developed the machine back in the 1900s, this process is an economical choice for large parts and plates. Blanchard grinding creates a recognizable crosshatch pattern while maintaining accuracy and high tolerances.

End Uses & Applications

Best used on magnetic surfaces, we commonly process aluminum and exotic metals through our Blanchard machines. At Hygrade, we value a high-level of accuracy and service alongside transparent timelines.

Rotary Tables

Used within the precision machining world, Blanchard Grinding creates the rotary table component of another tool. The flat-grinding process allows for a tabletop finish with characteristic Blanchard etching.

Castings & Stampings

Work with Hygrade to complete the
casting molds and stamping dies for your production run.

Die Blocks

Another flat surface that works best with Blanchard grinding, large-diameter metals usually turn up into die blocks for the next step in manufacturing.

Tooling & Fixturing

Flat surface tooling and fixturing plates requiring clean and flat surfaces for any quantities.

Hygrade is one the largest and most experienced flat grinders in the Northeast:
trust us to complete your project with perfect precision on time.