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Quality Assurance

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Our certifications hold us to the highest standards in aerospace precision machining and grinding, so you always receive the quality you expect and meet any regulatory requirements.

We continue to improve our processes every day to help reduce our lead times to better serve our customers. These approvals specifically apply to our work with aerospace precision machining and grinding, and the various processes necessary to protect each component.

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Pratt & Whitney grinding and machining approvals for coatings and alloys for the following specifications:

  • AMS 2436
  • PWA 46
  • PWA 49
  • PWA 50
  • PWA 52
  • PWA 53
  • PWA 106: titanium and titanium alloys.
  • PWA 257 per MCLF-22
  • E-58
  • K158
  • CPW 33 per FC-35

Boeing Approvals:

  • HP 15-51: Machining and grinding of high-strength, hardened alloy steels and chrome plate on hardened alloy steels.
  • HP 18-12: Low stress grinding of high strength steel (ESR 4340, 300M and VAR 4340) at strength levels of 260 to 305 ksi.
  • HP 30-4: Detecting of grinding burns in martensitic low-alloy steels.

Sikorsky Approval:

  • SS 8705: Certification to perform surface temper etch inspection.