Double Sided Lapping

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Using a similar process to single-sided lapping, double-sided lapping machines typically process more delicate and thin pieces but have the capability to work with thicker pieces as well.

The lapping compound helps achieve tight tolerances as well as polishing without compromising the strength of the part through heat or shaping.

This technology processes multiple pieces at once, achieving parallelism and the same strict tolerances across all the parts. At Hygrade, we have the capacity to handle both small batches and large orders for millions of parts due to our machine redundancy and the efficient, effective use of our experienced operators.

Hygrade double side lapping

End Uses & Applications

Our double-sided lapping machines accommodate parts up to 14” in diameter, as well as a variety of different shapes and sizes to meet the needs of your project while keeping everything on schedule.


Similar to the single-sided lapping machine, the double-sided lapping processes work well for gears and small circular pieces. Manufacturers prefer double-sided lapping for its speed, efficiency, and delicate processing.


With the growth of robotics across all industries, more custom gears and pieces are required for the new products on the market. The double-sided lapping machine creates consistent, parallel pieces to use for this industry.


Electronics typically require the smaller pieces produced by this machine, and Hygrade helps you achieve those tolerances to the next-level of zero.