Nital Etch Inspection

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Nital etch, or surface temper etch, inspection further promises accuracy and dependability after production. The process tests over-tempering, re-tempering, re-hardening, discontinuous carburization or a decarburized surface layer. The etch burns or hardens areas depending on their different potential problems.

Nital solution used for testing is a combination of nitric acid and alcohol that etches steel. Because grinding can cause heat, this process ensures the product is cooled and still strong as required after tempering.

End Uses & Applications

Nital etch is a non-destructive test that is used to determine if the material properties of a part have been impacted due to overheating during machining. Hygrade’s use of Nital Etch Inspection sets us apart from the competition, giving us the ability to grind your parts and inspect them, all within one facility.


Our surface temper testing meets the compliance standards for production of gears in case of overheating during grinding. Your gear components need to stand up to rigorous wear and tear of the aerospace and defense industries. Testing ensures each piece meets regulatory requirements.

Various Aerospace Components

Due to their critical nature, flight safety parts may require Nital etch inspection to ensure their material structures have not been compromised.

Streamline your processes by keeping production and testing under one roof. Make one purchase order and let the skilled team at Hygrade proactively keep you informed about production and shipping deadlines.