Multi-Spindle Turning Centers

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One of the most productive machining processes, INDEX Multi-Spindle machines allows for rapid CNC machining with multiple tools working simultaneously, so speed and accuracy can be maintained. With computer programming of the design and very little movement of the actual part, high tolerances remain possible while achieving the finished product quickly.

But as your single source for metal finishing, we not only perform CNC work, we combine that with precision grinding and lapping to save you time and hassle.

With our extensive experience in rapid CNC machining and variety of machines on site, Hygrade can offer you the best production options for your project. Whether you have the exact process and specs ready to place your order, or you need some guidance before starting, get in touch with Hygrade today!

Hygrade multi-spindle turning

End Uses & Applications

Short setup and cycle times with a high level of accuracy makes this machine ideal for high volume production in any industry.


The high precision required for airplanes can only be matched with high-precision, rapid CNC machining. Everything from bushings to washers can be machined on the INDEX Multi-Spindle.


Gear cutting is a popular usage for this machine, with options for bevel gears, spur gears, and ring gears implemented easily with computer design.

Production at Hygrade saves you time and money with streamlined and efficient operations.