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nqa - AS9100 Registered - ANAB Accredited

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What's New - Hygrade

AS9100 Aerospace Standard Certification

This document standardizes quality management system requirements for the aerospace industry. The establishment of common requirements for use at all levels of the supply chain by organizations around the world should result in improved quality and safety and decreased costs due to the elimination or reduction of organization-unique requirements and the resultant variation inherent in multiple expectations. Hygrade has been ISO approved since September of 1997 and AS9100:2001 approved since November of 2007.

NADCAP Certification

Hygrade was initially approved by NADCAP in January of 2004 for Aerospace quality system (AC7004) and Chemical Processing (AC 7108). NADCAP stands for National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program, and is required by companies such as GE, Rolls Royce, Boeing, Bombardier, Pratt and Whitney, and Sikorsky aircraft. Hygrade is audited annually for compliance.

Melchiorre ELC 800 Twin Wheel Machine

With this machine it is possible to obtain high stock removal rates combined with extremely fine geometric results and with surface finish according to the customer’s requirements.
  • General representation of double face machined components
  • Non-Metallic components of: Ceramic-hard metal, Silicon Carbide, Silicon Nitride, Quartz, Special alloys, etc.
  • Components machined in the hydraulic sector
  • Rotor-gerotor-disc-pumps etc.
  • Components machined in the automotive sector
Designed for fine grinding, Melchiorre ELC machines combine the necessary elements of overall quality, extreme structural strength and advanced electronic control systems. These characteristics produce the closest tolerances, highest production rates, simplest machine operation and lowest cost per machined part.

Usach 150-T4

The USACH 150-T4 is a CNC multi spindle ID/OD grinding machine representing the latest technology in machine design and is a substantial technical leap forward in ID/OD grinding. This machine has the following technical features:
  • Machine bed designed for improved thermal stability
  • Stationary workhead and dresser = accuracy and rigidity
  • Oversized monorail guideway system
  • Digital AC servo motors and drives
  • High axes speed with highest accuracy
  • High precision Heidenhain linear scales with air purge system

Part Range

With its large 16” cross axis, the Usach 150-T4 is ideally suited to cover a wide range of parts. The loading and unloading of longer parts and the length adjustment of the workhead can easily be accommodated through the generous opening provided by the two front sliding doors.
  • 17 inch swing diameter
  • Clamping weight 1000 lbs
  • U to 17 inch part grind length
  • ID/OD in same set up
This machine has a heavily ribbed base to ensure the highest sturdiness and precision work over time and is completely enclosed with two sliding front doors and one removable side door and back door. The workhead is completely enclosed with high precision class 9 bearings. Mounting weight is 200lbs (90 kgs) maximum with programmable workhead speed up to 1,000 rpm.
The longitudinal slide ("Z" axis) is a monorail style linear guideway system with rollers, driven by Fanuc AC servo motor and ballscrew. Closed loop with pressurized linear scale feedback.

Maximum speed: 66 ft / minute (20 m / minute)
Maximum stroke: 19.70" (500 mm)
Resolution: .000004" (.0001 mm)

The cross slide ("X" axis) is a monorail style linear guideway system with rollers, accommodating the turret. Slide driven by Fanuc AC servo motor and ballscrew for part infeed, infeed of the grinding wheel dressing and for the automatic compensation of the wheel wear. Closed loop with pressurized linear scale feedback.

Maximum speed: 66 ft / minute (20 m / minute)
Maximum stroke: 15.75" (400 mm)
Resolution: .000004" (.0001 mm)