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Flat Grinding
Flat Lapping
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nqa - AS9100 Registered - ANAB Accredited

NADCAP Performance Review Institure Accredited

Flat Grinding

Flat Grinding - Hygrade Hygrade is the largest flat grinding facility in the Northeast.

Double Side Grinding

Both sides of your part are simultaneously ground to precise dimensions for thickness, flatness, parallelism and microfinish.  Thin parts are a natural application for double disc grinding.

Melchiorre ELC 800

Twin wheel grinding, driven by 3 variable speed motors for maximum process control flexibility.  Operated through a color graphical interface to a programmable control with in-process grinding plate flattening.

Blanchard Grinding to 60”

Our large diameter flatness capability is tooled to grind various magnetic and non-magnetic materials such as aluminum and exotic stainless steels.


  • Vertical Spindle Rotary Table (Blanchard Type) Grinding Capacity up to 60.000” Diameter.
  • Double-Sided Grinding Capacity up to 9.000” Diameter.
  • Surface Grinding Capacity up to 12.000” x 24.000”
  • Rotary Surface Grinding Capacity up to 19.000” Diameter x 6.000” Height
  • Horizontal Spindle Paddle Grinding with Twin 75HP Spindles and Electronic Gaging with Capacity up to 14.000” Diameter
  • Vertical Spindle Rotary Carrier Disc Grinding Capacity up to 8.500” Diameter

Hygrade is the largest and most experienced flat grinding resource in the Northeast.

Flat Grinding - Hygrade Flat Grinding - Hygrade Flat Grinding - Hygrade

Flat Lapping

Flat Lapping - Hygrade Flat Lapping - Hygrade Whether you need parts sized to millionths, or simply a smoother, flatter surface . . . count on Hygrade to get the job done right!

Conventional Lapping

Helium Light Band Tolerances of 11.6 Millionths (.0000116) are routinely achieved on various materials, including solid carbide and chrome plated parts.

Planetary Lapping Systems

When both sides of a part can be processed simultaneously, our double-sided lapping machines can achieve flatness, parallelism and micro-finish much faster than single-face lapping systems.

Melchiorre ELC 800 Twin Wheel Machine

With this machine it is possible to obtain high stock removal rates combined with extremely fine geometric results and with surface finish according to the customer’s requirements.
  • Double-sided capacities up to 13.000” Diameter
  • Single-sided capacities up to 15.000” Diameter

At Hygrade, modern machinery and highly skilled people combine to give superior products at competitive prices.

Flat Lapping - Hygrade Flat Lapping - Hygrade Flat Lapping - Hygrade
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