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Case Histories



In April of 2007, Customer “X” contacted Hygrade about working on a flight safety part directly for NASA. This hardware is used in manned space flight, therefore manufacturing and workmanship of the highest quality standards is essential. Hygrade ground several dimensions and diameters to exact customer specifications and packaged to prevent damage during shipment.



A Canadian aerospace manufacturer had a stoppage on their engine assembly line due to a critical shortage on a seal runner. Hygrade is the vendor for the final OD grinding. There was an issue maintaining critical dimensions due to a thin wall characteristic. Hygrade became involved in multiple conference calls with every sub-contractor involved in the process to determine a suitable fix and an aggressive schedule to flow quality parts and avert line stoppage. Hygrade was able to assist with revising these dimensions to create manufacturable parts while still meeting design requirements.

After the problem was solved. Hygrade received an email from the General Manager of the company doing the coating. “First let me extend my thanks for your support. Your insight was extremely valuable. As you know, we made a commitment to Hygrade not only on finishing of components for the PW-600 but a variety of other parts as well. Hygrade's support of resolution to the issues identified specifically with the PW-600 parts is appreciated by our entire team. Recognizing that Hygrade has already made a significant investment in air gauging and have committed to performing the necessary investigation, we look forward to our continued relationship with Hygrade for our finishing needs”.


“I have noticed that when I send requests for quotations to Hygrade, I get very quick and accurate responses from your team. If there are any questions, they are quick to get back to me. I wish everyone had commitment like this!”

-Chris Lamb / Projects Inc.

“Hygrade currently meets all of our needs and everyone we deal with at Hygrade is great to work with”

-Jonathan Frick / J&L Machine

“I can not think of any areas that need improvement at Hygrade. They have always been one of our best suppliers, both in quality and turnaround time”

-Pauline Ferraro / Richard Mfg.

“Hygrade has always provided Kinematic with excellent support on all of our needs. I feel that we have a great business relationship and when dealing with anyone at Hygrade they are always happy and willing to help. Happy employees say a lot about a company!”

-Rod Pief / Kinematic Automation Inc.

“I find Hygrade very supportive in all areas of interface. Response to changing forecasts is excellent”

-Ralph Swift / Mikros Mfg.